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We offer a full spectrum of scientifically sound services, products,  courses and trainings to help individuals, groups, businesses and organizations to integrate holistic mental health and total body well-being programs into their lives and workplace cultures.  

We offer total body health and wellness programs, trainings and education to foster a culture of care, elevated communications within all relationships, sustainable work performance, as well as, ongoing wellbeing strategies for sustainable resilience for your business, group, or organization.
  • High Performance Training
  • Resilience + Sustained Performance Training
  • Intuitive Sales Training 
  • Stress Less + Live Lighter Training

True change starts at the cellular level

The Evolve Program is a turn-key holistic wellness concept that enables a licensee to step into a completely supported and fully operational wellness business (add it to your existing practice or offer as a stand-alone service). This total body detox program empowers the practitioner to begin helping their clients/patients reduce their toxic load, reduce disease-causing inflammation, and improve their mental fitness. In today's world, it is not a matter of if a person is toxic, but rather, how toxic the person is.  Schedule a complementary clarity call today and see if the Evolve Program is the right fit for you.

Want to turn your passion for holistic wellbeing into a career?

Do you have an idea about creating or opening a physical or virtual holistic minded business? Perhaps, you are looking for ideas or direction in adding a stream of income to your existing business or practice.  We have the expertise to help you find your way in the growing alternative health and holistic well-being marketplace.  

We offer a comprehensive total body detox program as a wrap-around business concept, or we can fully customize a holistic program to complement the needs of your existing business or practice. Let's have a conversation about how we can help you achieve your vision and goals. Schedule a complementary clarity call today.


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