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"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."



Holistic Health Coaching

Illumination Coaching is offered à la carte, in 30 minute increments (from 30 mins. to 90 mins. per session) for all those who have come to crossroads on their path; or those who may need additional support to clear or move through any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual obstacles - presenting as life changes or challenges. Just as each person is unique, so too is their healing or coaching experience - Amanda is able to meet each client intuitively where they are, and assist in clearing the blocks keeping them from where they want to go. Illumination Coaching restores total body balance, harmony, coherence and provide the space needed to receive intuitive coaching, healing, situational acceptance and/or restoration of inner peace and calm.

Many individuals use the à la carte coaching option as an add on for the 8 week Purity Program to achieve a deeper level of support while enrolled, and/or for additional support, guidance or energetic healing once the program has concluded.​


60 minutes  -- $222

90 minutes --  $333​​​



Regular price: $2,222 with 15% off = $1,888



Regular price: $1,332 with 10% off = $1,199



Regular price: $666 with 5% off = $633



BRAINTAP - Mental Fitness Trainer:

Regular price: $675

*plus $15.00 for shipping - mailed 2 day priority mail


SRQ4U - Quantum Biofeedback:

Regular Price: $49 per session


Think, feel, and be better!

The Purity Program is a transformational 8 week online course to detox all dimensions of self ( mind, body, and spirit). It offers total support with holistic health coaching to help every individual meet their personal health and wellness goals. The purity program is based on a comprehensive, multi-dimensional and whole body approach to wellness. To achieve true and long lasting physical, mental, or emotional health, ALL dimensions of the self must be cleared of toxins. Toxins are more than a physical substance effecting the physical body (although certainly a major component), they are anything and everything existing within all dimensions of self (mind, body, and spirit) which causes you to be depleted of vital life force energy - which includes: stamina, strength, will power, courage, joy, self appreciation, confidence, peace, happiness, focus, restful sleep, cognitive abilities, elevated relationships or partnerships, and purposeful careers. Our bodies, as a whole, are miraculous containers for our spirit and are capable of more than we can conceptualize. We focus on RELEASING the old, introducing the positive aspects of self for REJUVENATING and finally, integrating all dimensions of self to truly heal and TRANSFORMATION


Here are examples of toxic, substances, behaviors, thoughts, or beliefs we will look into:​

  • victim mentality

  • social programming

  • emotional traumas and wounds

  • negative early entrainment

  • low self worth

  • epigenetic (environment)

  • natural hormone disrupters 

  • negative self image

  • destructive daily habits and routines

Purity Program offers the following:​

  • Connect with Light Minded family: Join the Purity Program private group forum to offer support and love along your personal journey towards self illumination.

  • Live! Weekly group calls with Amanda (every Wednesday at 6pm Eastern Time): This is an open forum where Amanda offers support, guidance, and answers your questions pertaining to this program, as well as, for any other health, wellness and detox related questions you may have. We want to you to feel completely supported on your journey towards self illumination!

  • Identify and delete old programming: Dive into the subconscious to see what may be keeping you from moving out of self limiting patterns, behaviors, beliefs, and habits.

  • Defrag your hard drive (brain): Identify and remove the fractured elements of self and the disingenuous belief systems created by any soul splintering (traumatic event).

  • Create a daily self supportive routine/habit: Establishing a link to a higher power, whatever you choose to call it, and. empowering your life with a daily devotional practice.

  • Introducing the Light Diet: How to eat to support the process of becoming your most luminous and radiant self.

  • Install virus protection: Remove viruses, parasites, and bacteria which may be draining your vitality, life force and energy. 

  • Activate the inner guidance system (GPS): Connecting to the innate inner knowing held within the sacred spaces of the heart and develop your intuitive muscle for self directed guidance.

  • Install the new human operating system LUMINBEING (OS): Allowing for a complete transformation and integration of your most lustrous and radiant self.

Not sure what you need? Schedule a complementary 15 minute consult with Amanda to find the best fit for your unique health and wellness goals.​

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