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My choice mental fitness trainer to THINK, SLEEP, AND PERFORM BETTER!


Think Better.

Free yourself from brain fog and stress with BrainTap's cutting-edge technology. Harnessing the combination of light and sound, BrainTap refines your brain's capabilities and bolsters cognitive function, giving you the mental acuity and concentration needed to make informed choices and focus on your goals.


Sleep Better.

Discover the bliss of restorative sleep through BrainTap. Our state-of-the-art technology combines the synergy of sound and light to gently lull your mind and body into a profoundly restful sleep. Awaken feeling invigorated, full of vitality, and prepared to face the day with a focused intellect.


Perform Better.

No matter your aspirations in your professional or personal pursuits, BrainTap is your ally in achieving peak performance. From artistic endeavors to boardroom negotiations and athletic feats to academic goals, optimizing your brain function empowers you to flourish in every aspect of life.


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  • 2 Day Priority Mail - Flat Fee $17


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