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Amanda’s journey in biomedical and integrative wellness began fifteen years ago, when her daughter, Lily Grace, was diagnosed with Autism (ASD) at the age of two. 


However, it wasn't really the diagnosis of Autism itself, as much as it was the grim prognosis given by the diagnosing physician, that really created the huge impact on Amanda's mind and heart. She was told by the diagnosing doctor that there wasn't a cure for Autism, and to try ABA Therapy, as it could potentially help to minimize Lily's behaviors for a period of time. However, once Lily became older, stronger, and her behaviors too difficult to manage, she would have to be institutionalized. This create a burning desire within Amanda to do everything within her power to help her daughter. She researched alternative therapies and holistic services and looked for science and proven results. She converted the family garage apartment into a therapy room where Lily Grace was able to receive 40 hours a week of ABA, as well as, a place to house her alternative therapies and equipment. The therapies used reduced neurological and whole body inflammation, detoxed heavy metals, healed the gut from parasites, and helped to reduced Lily's viral load over taxing her already weak immune system. Eventually, the combination of alternative and holistic therapies began to greatly improve Lily's symptoms (behaviors) and overall health.


Amanda developed a deep passion for alternative and integrative medicine and therapies - as it was the success experienced through the implementation of these types of services and practices that have completely erased the word "institutionalized" from the future of Lily's health care plan. Integrative medicine and alternative healing methods gave her daughter the opportunity to live up to her highest 17 year old potential!


This experience, in combination with a new found passion for helping other families going through the same crisis, inspired Amanda to open an Integrative Wellness Center in 2012. She enjoyed working closely with clients as the Director of Operations and in conjunction with top medical physicians she developed specialized programs to address the challenging and complex health issues associated with Autism and other complex neurological issues. She discovered by treating the body at the cellular level and as one whole system - and not just the physical condition - one could achieve true and lasting healing.  


In 2018,  Amanda sold her center and returned to her home town of Tampa to allow her daughter to attend a school specializing in Autism. She continues to offer personal and business services as a coach, teacher, facilitator, and trainer. She continues to find inspiration by all those looking for answers outside the box of conventional medicine and specializes in cellular detox & rejuvenation, neurological challenges, education on living holistically, and assisting anyone with their personal battle in reclaiming their life from all forms of dis-ease

Lily Grace Foundation: 

To further support the Autism community and other neurological challenges, Amanda founded the Lily Grace Foundation (active 501c3), named after her daughter.


The foundation is currently under construction to level up its range of services and support for total body health and well-being to include everyone, everywhere. The current mental and physical health crisis we are facing on a global level offered the inspiration for LGF to expand their mission, purpose, and outreach to include our entire global community, to anyone who may be seeking holistic and integrative mental, emotional, spiritual, and - or, physical well-being solutions, services, resources, and trainings for themselves, their families, their work places and their communities. 

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