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Key benefits in purchasing the Evolve Program:

  • A turn-key total body detox program with easy set up and implementation

  • Excellent income generator to wrap around any existing or new business

  • Complete technical support

  • Complimentary per case consultations with our Medical Director for any challenging or complex client/patient health issues

  • Educational support for licensee and their staff

  • Targeted marketing resources

  • The Evolve Program can be easily integrated into your existing business or allopathic practice to add a comprehensive holistic component

  • Holistic Health Coaching virtual platform to fully support the client/patient in detoxing the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies 

  • Supplementation support especially formulated to support detox and the immune system


How the Evolve Program was developed:

In 2011, Amanda founded an integrative wellness center in Denver, Colorado. She wanted to support the Autism community by sharing the knowledge she had gained through her personal journey with her daughter. She brought together an excellent team of holistic doctors and providers to work together to man an impact on a broad spectrum of health concerns utilizing an integrative and biomedical approach. Through the research and positive impact of various therapies for her clients, the Evolve Program began to emerge.  Amanda saw profound shifts in a variety of chronic illnesses by removing toxins from the body, reducing inflammation, addressing trauma and emotional wounds, and finally helped to establish more empowering habits and routines to create a more supportive and sustainable lifestyle. Detoxing at the cellular level and root cause created rejuvenation, healing, and transformation to all types of disease and illness, which offer the inspiration Amanda needed to license the Evolve Program and make it available to all those seeking to provide a tried-and-true alternative to traditional health care approaches to chronic illness and disease. 

Why should you consider the Evolve Program for your business or start-up:

We have developed a turn-key holistic cellular detox program that enables you to step into a fully operational business without the stress of having to put it together yourself.  You can place your focus where you want it to be, on helping people. We have done the work in paring various types of equipment together to come up with the perfect formula in helping clients reduce their toxic load and disease - causing inflammation. This program is built on the belief that real change starts at the cellular level. In today's world, not is not a matter of IF a person is toxic, but rather, HOW toxic a person is. Becoming part of the Evolve Program Team will immediately give you all the support and structure you will need to confidently enhance the care given to your clients or patients. 


How many people does it take to run the Evolve Program?

Only one! Hire an employee or be the owner-operator. We offer training for your support staff for those who have an existing practice. 

Do I have to be a doctor to be a provider of the Evolve Program?

No, but for one version of the Evolve Program you will need a Medical Director. We will advise you in setting up the MD for your business. 

How much space will I need for the Evolve Program?

It will fit in a space as small as 400sf. 

Will you help to target a specific specialty market?

Yes! We can help you through individualized marketing materials and research to work with a specific market. To name a ASD, Chronic Fatigue, Parkinson's, Lyme Disease, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Long-Haul Covid.

I want to move forward, how soon can I implement the Evolve Program? Once the initial paperwork is executed, and the equipment ordered, you can start changing peoples lives in as little as 4 weeks. 

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